075 - Essi Lindberg

Facebook Community Leaders from all over the world - #6 - Essi Lindberg from Helsinki, Ompeluseuran talousgurut

9 months ago

This is a part of a series recorded at Facebook Community Leadership meetup in Berlin. CLCXCommunicast #6 - Essi Lindberg from Helsinki. There are so many women community and I host some of the most amazing women community leaders I met in the podcast already. I think that this community is different because when we think about money and investments there is still an image for men dealing with investing but this is no longer the situation and Essi created a space for these women to empowering one another. This community is empowering women to talk about money and investments. The group offers peer support for women to take control over their personal finances. This is not an English speaking group but I believe that we should find or create one in every language.

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