72 - Danyelle Pollock

About Lyft’s drivers and internal communities, company culture and growth.

10 months ago

After 71 podcast episodes it happened. I had a technical issue during the recording and I lost the contect. Thank god my guest was Amazing Danyelle Pollock and a few days later we recorded the whole thing again! I had the pleasure to host Danyelle on a live event at Facebook Tel Aviv while she was visiting Israel. Danyelle most recently headed up internal communications & events at Lyft, a transportation technology company in San Francisco valued at $15 billion. As employee #61, she began as a Senior Community Manager, became a founding member of Lyft's internal Culture Board, and helped the company navigate their growth to nearly 3,000 employees. Danyelle is currently on an international tour, visiting tech hubs around the world and providing consultations to startups of all sizes. We talked about 2 different kind of communities, one is the Lyft’s drivers communities- what makes them a community, How to keep them happy and engaged, what makes them share photos with passengers and how they affect the company growth. Second community is internal, Lyft’s employees and company culture. Danyelle explained why is it important to create a culture for a company, How to measure employee satisfaction and what kind of methods you can use to communicate if you have 61 employees or 1000.

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