076 - Maria Yagodkina

Facebook Community Leaders from all over the world - #7 - Maria Yagodkina from Boston

9 months ago

This is a part of a series recorded at Facebook Community Leadership meetup in Berlin. CLCXCommunicast #7 - Maria Yagodkina from Boston. Since the first time I met Maria (online) I knew she is the type to person you never forget. She is always curious , asking question, never too shy to say what she thinks and I love it. I’m sure that this is also makes her a great community leader, leading Women-only group for English/Russian speaking girls of Boston area, USA. Join us and hear more about the community, Maria’s tips for organizing events and how there is also space for men in this community. Many thanks to Facebook CLC team for the support and to Grand Hyatt Berlin for hosting this series.

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